Tuesday, February 14, 2017

"No comment"

Of course I know blogging isn't as popular as it was a few years ago... and I haven't posted much lately. However, I found that in the last few years, I haven't received many comments on my blog - yet, I get many personal messages and private comments.

I love receiving your comments - either private or public - so a huge THANK YOU! I enjoy sharing little stories about our life here in the Rockies, and I'm so happy when it's being read. Especially now, having been snowed and iced in for two weeks and counting, the Internet is basically our only window to the world right now.

Our car has been covered in snow - yes, even under the carport!

We had to hire a gentleman with a bobcat to plow our drive, but now we're looking at two inches of ice instead of four feet of snow - an improvement for sure, but we're not getting anywhere in a hurry yet...

Anyway, what's all that got to do with commenting on my blog? Well, for starters, being cooped up in house, I have had time to analyse why the comments have dropped so significantly. And, looking back, it appears this coincided with the moment that I traded the native Blogger commenting system for Google+ commenting.

What makes the G+ commenting system even worse is that I never, ever get notification of a comment. I'd visit my blog and see 2 or 3 replies - and I'd missed them completely let alone provided a reply of my own! How rude I must have seemed to some of you!

So, having lots of time on my hands and nothing better to do than sit at the computer, I went looking for a better system - and decided on Disqus. The biggest advantage is that anybody can comment - even people who don't want to sign up for a service can post as guests. Other than that, Disqus is used by several sites so chances are you may already have an account... and signing up is easy as pie otherwise. Again, no need to sign up - anybody can comment!

If you need inspiration what to comment on, here are a few pictures Murray drew several years ago. Aren't they just adorable? You can leave your comment below or send me a private message/email like you are used to, no pressure at all :)

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