How we met

Our story starts in the digital world... with a PC game called "Myst", created by Cyan Worlds. I was an avid Myst fan, and bought every sequel that came out. I just loved the tranquillity of the worlds Cyan created and the puzzles you had to solve.

How thrilled I was to read the announcement that Cyan was going to create an online Myst world called Myst Online: Uru Live, to meet and interact with fellow players and enjoy dynamic worlds with never-ending newer content.

By the end of 2003 I found myself in Uru, using the names Gem or Jewel for my avatar (virtual character). I just loved this gentle, peaceful game. I also participated in the Myst/Uru forums, and one day I got a private message from a player called "Murray".

He sounded nice enough, so I responded... and that is how it started. We became good friends and quickly found out how much we had in common: our spiritual values, tastes, music, nature and morals. It wasn't before long that we traded the virtual world with the real one, and here we are today - a happily married couple!

It started like this:

Then pictures and movies were sent forth... "This is me"... "And this is me"...

Then came the visits... he visited us and met my parents,

I visited him and met the congregation and saw Canada for the first time in my life...

And then inevitably it ended up like this!

The rest, of course, is history... and lots of preparation for the wedding!