Good news! Mickey is home and doing well

Yes, this is a happy day. Mickey came home Thursday, on "probation".

He was not really better yet and flatly refused to eat, but the vet said that some of it might have to do with the strange environment. He suggested we take him home for 24 hours, and then take him back if he refused to eat still.

Well... the second he came home, he started howling for food! Unfortunately that day he brought it all up again, so we were afraid we had to take him back to the surgery after all. Fortunately, that was the only incident and he improved rapidly after that.

He was so happy to be home, that he was purring all night long. Mouse was even happier to have his little friend back. For two days he had been pining, and when Mickey came home he did not let him out of his sight. And they say animals have no feelings? You bet they do!

As I'm writing this, Mickey is sitting on my desk, watching the letters appear on the screen. Mickey, if you are reading this, welcome home and may you never again eat something that will not only cost us $400, but gave us so many worries on top of it...

We love you, mate, don't get sick again!