Summer updates

We love our house, but the grounds are rather boring... nothing but grass all around.

However, Mur's got plans for a pretty flower garden... but that is a project for the future.

Right now, he is too busy with our vegetable garden. Yum, our own potatoes, corn, carrots and other veggies, right from our own yard!

Lots of weeding to be done.

Meanwhile, I'm busy playing with my brand new bread maker. Here's your reward for your hard work, Mur! Don't they look yummy?

Living out in the country means we get to live with various beasties too. Some cute, some not so I have to admit!

Last but not least, a picture of the Skimmerhorn mountains, stunning as ever!


  1. nice one Mur! :))

    Would have liked to see how the mold was made.. maybe on the next project?


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