Broken toe

Yesterday night Murray came into the bedroom - "ouch! ouch! ouch! ouch!" with every step.

For a second I thought he was joking, but when he removed his sock, I knew something was terribly wrong. His toe was in a funny angle - he had bumped into an big, solid jigsaw when checking the downstairs area before going to bed. The jigsaw didn't mind... but his foot sure did! I wanted to take Mur to the emergency right away, but he wouldn't have it. "Tomorrow!" he said, and that was final. HE slept all night... but I was awake every 5 seconds worrying about it.

Anyway, this morning we went into emergency after being told off by the nurse for not visit our house doctor first, the had to wait for three hours for the x-ray to be taken. The verdict: a clean break. Another two hours in another room, and finally the doctor came in, spent 20 seconds bandaging the toe and home we went!

I've got no pictures of the toe, but here is the look on Atrus' face when he heard the language!

Mickey shows his unbroken paws... lucky cats! Poor Mur...