How the Burns' argue...

The text below is very tongue in cheek, by no means take it too seriously!... but for once I have decided to give the readers a little insight how a typical Burns argument starts.

It usually goes like this:
  • Whatcha wanna watch tonight, Darling?
  • Oh I dunno, what do you fancy?
  • I'm easy... you choose
  • No, it's better you choose, I usually make the wrong choice
*A long conversation follows about choices, finally a movie suggestion pops up*
  • So, what about The Sting?
  • Sure, sounds good!
  • Or have we watched that too recently?
  • We haven't watched it that long ago, but that's no problem, The Sting sounds great!
  • Well, if you have another suggestion...
  • Well, I was thinking... 
  • Yes?
  • How about...
  • What?
  • Perhaps you'd like to watch Coming to America?
  • WHATTT? That's a cr** movie! I don't want to watch that!
  • But you haven't watched it have you? So how do you know it's cr**?
  • It is!
  • It's actually a nice movie you know, perhaps you'd like to try it.
  • I don't want to watch Coming to America!
  • Sure, okay, fine, fair enough, The Sting it is then.
  • Where's all this Coming of America suddenly come from anyway?
  • Well, since you liked the Eddy Murphy movie we watched the other day so much, I just realized that this one is very similar, that's why it popped up in my mind. I thought you had never watched it.
  • I have! It's got all these kings and queens and princes! And I don't like it!
  • Well, really there is more to it than just that, but that's okay, we already decided on The Sting.
  • It's a stupid movie!
  • YE-heees!!! You said so, several times, and now that I know you have actually watched it, I believe you. End of discussion, The Sting it is.
  • But you want to watch Coming to America!
  • Darling, I'm fine either way, and The Sting is a great movie too.
  • But why did you suggest Coming to America then?
  • It was just an idea, and I didn't know you'd be so vehemently against it, did I? But now I know, and The Sting it is.
  • No, you want to watch Coming to America, I see it in your eyes. FINE! I know what to do. You go and watch Coming to America by yourself, and I will be in the basement working.
  • Sweetheart, don't be silly! I SAID we'd watch The Sting!
  • NO, you said Coming to America!
  • Gah! Why are you always being so difficult?
  • I'm not ALWAYS difficult! You always choose different from me!
  • I don't ALWAYS choose different, I just...
  • Don't be ridiculous! WE HAVE NO ARGUMENT! WE'LL WATCH THE STING!!!
  • No, I'm finished arguing. Know what? We'll watch NOTHING, how's that?
  • FINE!
  • FINE!
*Both stomp off. Five minutes later:*
  • I'm sorry.
  • I'm sorry too.
  • So, what are we going to watch then?
  • Oh no, not THAT again.........
Love you with all my heart, Sweetheart!
(PS We ended up watching The Sting) :P


  1. hahahahahaha, komt mij zeer bekend voor!!!!
    Nu ken ik de film "the Sting" niet, maar wel die andere en die is errrrrrrrrug leuk, zou mijn voorkeur ook naar uit gaan.
    Zelf ben ik een liefhebber van romantische komedies. Notting Hill, My best friends wedding, Valentine's day, enz enz.
    Mannen zijn meer van de STH-films (Schieten, Tieten en Helikopters)
    Tegenwoordig splitsen we het hier vaker op. De mannen (Erik en Mees dus) gaan een STH film kijken en Myrthe en ik een meidenfilm......

    Succes in elk geval en wat een leuk verhaal!

  2. Hehe, leuk te horen dat deze zelfde "discussies" ook bij anderen plaatsvinden :D

    The Sting is een oudje uit de jaren '70 geloof ik, met Robert Redford en Paul Newman. Ik moest 'm een paar keer kijken tot ik hem snapte, maar hij is ook leuk (en wat waren ze knap he, zwijmel...)


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