Cute and Sad

We live very close to the wildlife around us. Bears, deer, raccoons, wolves, cougars, coyotes etc live right on our property. Sometimes though it makes us feel sad to see the cruelty of nature.

Today we saw a mother deer and two babies. "Look at that funny little thing hopping," we said, laughing at first. But the laughter soon disappeared when we saw why the one baby was hopping - one front paw was dangling helplessly. Broken perhaps, hurt for sure... and nothing we can do about it. It's one of those things nature will have to sort out for itself... we both hope the little critter will recover soon and live a long and happy life. More than likely though it may end up in some wolf or cougar's tummy... which is all part of (today's) nature too but not something we wish to think about!

There are a lot of hunters around here, and we certainly hope the little dear (pun intended) wasn't shot and crippled by a hunter, grrr!!! As I said, we love nature and wildlife, and we just felt so helpless. Anyway, here is a shot of its healthy sibling and the Momma. We have to stay positive after all!


  1. Lukt het niet om het dier te vangen en te laten helpen? Ik weet dat we hier een Wildlife center hebben die dat doen, onze porcupine is daar ook heen gegaan, geopereerd en behandeld. Over een paar maanden zetten ze hem weer uit. Ik weet dat ze ook ree├źn behandelen.
    Maar het is genieten al die dieren!
    Fijn weekend,
    Gr. Claudia


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