Removing the lean-to

Murray and I moved to Erickson in 2007. So much has been done to the house already... I know I have provided pictures here and there, but I also know how slack I have been in keeping this blog up-to-date. Sorry!

Anyway, when we bought the house, the first thing we decided on was to get rid of a huge open barn, or lean-to. Not that it was in the way of anything really, but why keep a huge building that you will never use? The son of our friend Vern was interested in it to keep hay for the horses, and finally Vern and Royce got around demolishing it. Here a picture impression of their 3 days of hard work, and the result... Enjoy!

In the end, Vern and Royce volunteered to remove one or two trees for us. We were happy because they were in the way and a potential danger, and it will make good firewood for them.

As a bonus, they removed this tree for us, as it was leaning dangerously over our drive. Safety for us, firewood for them!

All that was left in the end...


  1. een leuk paard kopen en er in zetten was ook een optie geweest! :-)

    p.s: bedankt voor je lange mail, ik wil steeds terug mailen, maar het komt er maar niet van. Vergeten ben ik je niet!!!


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