Marshmallows & Mosquitoes

I love living in Creston... it's so pretty and peaceful especially where we live, out in the country. We have the most beautiful view in the world... I'm not exaggerating...

There is however one major drawback: mosquitoes! Where I grew up, in Holland, we had them too of course. They'd be very bad in September and October, or very late at night. Not here! They come out in swarms, from very early March till well into November. They don't just come out at night either, no, all day long they pester you. Something had to be done...

Almost the day we bought this house in Erickson, we thought we should create an outdoors area free of mosquitoes. Finally, this year Murray screened the entire area underneath our deck. Not only we love it, so do the cats!

Monday evening we celebrated our new area with my first real North American experience: roasted marshmallows! I had never had them before, I felt like a little girl again. Mur last had them (and he still remembers it) when he was 3 years old, when he lived on the Isle of Man.

Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of that, it was late and dark already. This is our screened patio. It was the first day our cats were out there, so a lot of sniffing had to be done!