Such a small world

Sometimes I can't believe what a small world we live in.

About a week ago, Murray and I visited a specialist in Cranbrook, a very nice doctor whose wife is also a nurse and receptionist. She was ever so friendly and offered us juice and cookies (in a doctor's office, wow!! wish more doctors were like that). We started talking to her, and she told us she is from Nova Scotia. Since Mur's fore-bearers from his mother's side are all from Nova Scotia, he decided to bring some newspaper clippings and a family tree book with him on his next visit, which happened yesterday.

Can you imagine the surprise we got when the good doctor's wife gave out an excited scream, ran towards Mur to give him a huge hug and informed him that they are related? Yes, the are distant cousins, and she even met Murray's grandmother many years ago, the same one who gave him the very family book he brought with him! In fact the doctor's wife name could be found in it as well, one page apart from Murray's own. She was so excited that she ran into her husband's office, screaming "Guess what, Mr. Burns and I are blood relatives, we're cousins!!" What a coincidence, and what a small world... who says Canada is huge?

Anyway, it was not even the end of all the surprises. After our visit to the doctor, still reeling from the coincidence of meeting a distant cousin of Murray, we went back into the waiting room. Suddenly I heard from behind me "Dag, Sophia", which is a greeting in the Dutch language. I thought I was dreaming, it is not often I hear my mother tongue where we live, let alone with a mention of my name. I turned around, and saw a Dutch couple who had moved to Creston around the same time as myself, and had considered buying the very house we moved to 4 years ago. Needless to say there was more happy screaming in the waiting room!


  1. Waw, it is a small world! :)
    We had a weird encounter last month: Jelger met a girl who immigrated 10 years ago to Canada and Jelger was on that same flight traveling. What are the odds.. :) He remembered because she was telling about the details and he remembered a family with all their suitcases...

    I always like it when the world gets smaller... You feel more connected to everyone.

    I love this story! :) You just expanded your family. :)

    1. Dank je wel :) Ja, wij vonden het ook wel bijzonder, zeker omdat Murray in Schotland/Bermuda is opgegroeid. Om dan familie tegen te komen zo ver van "huis" is wel heel speciaal.

      Leuk verhaal ook van Jelger, het leven hangt echt van toevalligheden aan elkaar!

      (Oops sorry I automatically started typing this in Dutch, I'm sure you'll understand...)

  2. That's ooooooooooooooodd!!! ;)

    1. Not met Chantal face to face but I bet we would feel she is oooooooooooooooodd!! too Sophia :) . What do you think ?


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