Blog Book

Murray and I decided to celebrate the first six years of the rest of eternity we plan to spend together... by publishing this blog so far as a book.

We have ordered a few copies for our nearest and dearest family, but if you'd like to view this book in PDF form, contact me and I'll see what I can do.

Edit: in the meantime I have also created a book from Dandy's Diary, the "blog" (in those days it was still called "diary") of my African Grey Parrot. I ordered that one in a smaller format and softbound, the quality of both books is astonishing!

Today (March 12) we received the books from Blurb, so here finally a few pictures:


  1. Wat een leuk idee, ziet er prachtig uit!
    En nog dank voor de e-card :)

    1. Dank je wel :) Wat betreft de e-card: die was welgemeend :)

    2. hoi hoi,

      ik wil wel een pdfje.. :0)



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