Our library floor

It's been a while since I posted about our house renovations... but ever since we moved here, Murray has been working hard to create a gorgeous place, especially in the basement.

When we bought the house in 2007, it looked entirely different from today!

Which is to say, two huge, and (to us) useless areas. The first thing Mur did was get rid of the fireplace in the basement... since we were planning (and still are) to create a home theater (cinema) in that area.

Next, he created book cases for the libary, and we got rid of the ceiling beams that can be seen in the first picture of this post.

Then, he added a wall in area, and broke away another wall to create an L-shaped room. Also, in the last picture of that blog post, you can see how he divided the huge storage area (second picture above) into a music room and antechamber.

We got rid of the windows, and got rounded windows for our future home theater. Around that time, he also started the frame for the theater.

In preparation for the theater, he casts his own capitals, because they cost more than $400 each to buy them.

Meanwhile, we finished our spare bedroom, also in the basement, and prettied up the outdoor screened patio.

Murray worked on steadily, inserting, painting and finalizing the bookcases and window seat, as well as the frame for the mosquito screen outdoors.

Although that was the last blog post about our house project, he has not exactly been sitting still... there were many small and big jobs he did around the house. However, today it is time to post the grand finale of the library: the icing is on the cake, or, the flooring is on the floor! Yes, today we finally finished another big area in our house, and the cats made sure Mur did a good job!

The tiger wood is going to darken and redden considerably, so that it will match the walls and the rest of the wood... it should look gorgeous. All he still needs to do is finish the music room and antechamber, and then...


  1. Ziet er gaaf uit! Handig als je veel zelf kunt!

    1. Dank! Mur is de handige in dit huis... ik ben voornamelijk "all thumbs" :)

  2. Wow! Very beautiful and stylish :)

    1. Thanks! :) Enne, goede vakantie en terugreis alvast!!!

    2. Thanks! We zitten nu lekker in de rommel... boxes everywhere! :)


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