Another day in the life

What have the Burnses been busy with lately? Here a little update.

Murray spent most of the day wallpapering our bedroom:

With the devoted help and inspections of Atrus.

Finally Atrus conks out... much to the delight of Mur who can get some work done!

So we decide to get some serious, er, ... work done on the computer:

Atrus helps me sort the laundry.

And Mickey supervises me creating a loom knitting video.

Before we know it, it's time to prepare supper under the supervising eyes of Mickey:

Mouse and

Rosie. See her pretty nails? There is a story to that...

I think the salad looks lovely!

Although none of the cats are interested... there is no chicken in it.

That marks the end of the day... so let's clean everything up.

Come on Atrus, up to bed we go!

Good night!


  1. They look so lovely and contented! The wallpaper looks lovely, nice choice.

  2. Wat zijn jullie katten toch grappig en onderhoudend! Nooit saai in elk geval!

  3. Hi hi altijd goed om een kritische katteblik erbij te hebben!


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