Into each life...

Some rain must fall, but too much is falling in ours! Unbelievable, it is almost mid June, which should mean hot, sunny summer days, but we have none of that.

Instead, we have had nothing but rain, more rain and rain fall warnings! As much as 30, 40 mm per day... and it is cold! And windy! BAH, hope that'll change soon... I have never seen a spring like this.

With all this nasty weather, we have not been able to enjoy the outdoors at all. At least Atrus is happy with me spending time indoors with my knitting loom - he has confiscated it for his own use!

Here a picture of our Asians, which grow in the wild all over our property. Needless to say they are wet from the rain...

The other day Murray and I bought the cutest little bird feeder. Not only does it attract birds, but this squirrel thinks it is quite comfortable for him as well. He spends all day eating his tummy fat and round, driving the cats crazy. He loves to tease them... I think he knows there is a safe screen between him and the cats. If only the cats knew it too!

The hummingbirds fly on and off too, amazing how tiny they are. That bamboo stick is much thinner than my little finger! Apologies for the bad quality, the picture was taken through the window.

Yesterday Murray woke up at 4:30 am, because he thought he heard a sound... and yes, we did have a trespasser! So he slipped on a bathrobe, and grabbed his camera. Actually it was quite dark still, and the pictures he took turned out quite black, but this camera system is quite amazing and showed it as clear as daylight. We are really not too happy with how familiar this bear is getting with our property, and we might have to discourage it somehow... so if you neighbours hear a big bang, it was Mur setting off a bear banger!


  1. Hahaha, your husband is too funny! :)

    Congrats with the Canadian nationality btw! I hope you get rid of the bear, because if it is indeed the same one that keeps coming back it might become tricky... :s
    Here in Vancouver the weather is so so... We had a taste of summer, but now it is back to rain/sun/rain/sun/rain in one day. :P

  2. Wow! Amazing that it dares come that close to your house! And Murray went outside while the bear still in the neighborhood was..... He is a real hero!
    In Alberta this weekend a lot of wind and some rain, but cold. I took a hot choco to warm me up!

  3. Can you believe that bear? I was bare too until I put my house coat on. No rest for the wicked!!

  4. Anybody want a real live Teddy Bear? Free, postage not included.

  5. OMG I can imagine you guys don't want a bear house friend.... but do take care!


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