And before you know it...

A whole month has passed by! I haven't had much news to share though, life goes on - in a good way :) Not much has happened lately, except I did some travelling and came back with yet another guitar.

Our roses are starting to bloom.

Murray has been working hard in the back yard



Our cats make themselves comfortable, as always

The weather has finally improved - except for a thunderstorm here and there, not a cloud in the sky and it's 32 degrees Celsius right now!

We had the usual unusual visitors

And, last but not least, Murray finally finished the underdeck area, after two years of on- and off work. Don't pay attention to the garden though, that still needs to be done :)

As I said, a quiet month!


  1. Beautiful photos, Sophia! I love all the beautiful flowers and those roses are gorgeous. Great area you have there under your deck, I love it! I have a guitar at home too, but haven't played it for a long's time to brush up on that again!

    Enjoy your summer!

  2. Nice pictures! Everything seems to be in peace at your place :-) And I love your underdeck area.


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