Whoa, time really flies!

I can't believe how much time has passed since I last posted. But in all truth, not much has happened this summer, except perpetual sunshine, good weather (we are all still walking around in short sleeves), enjoying the outdoors, and hard work in and around the house.

That is, until today! It happened like this... I looked at kitten pictures on the Internet. A dangerous habit, as will be proven. The moment I came across the picture below, I was sold. Absolutely, completely and utterly in love. What is worse, these kittens are up for adoption right here in Creston... Need I say more?

How can anybody resist that cute little white thing in the middle with the dark ears, nose and tail? So today Mur and I phoned the lady who put up the ad. One thing lead to the next, and before we knew it we cuddled her in person (the kitten, not the lady!) and decided to adopt her. The kittens are only two weeks old, so we won't be able to take her home for several more weeks. We will go back to her house soon though to take more pictures!

What else happened? As I said, not much, except for a bit of good news. From the day we moved to this house almost 4 years ago now, not once has Mur been able to sit still. He has been so busy making this place pretty, from putting up wallpaper all over the place (not a common Canadian habit) to just about gutting the entire basement. He has not finished everything yet, but I am proud to say that except for little bits and pieces, the only area to finish now is the theatre in the basement, and even that is coming along nicely!

Not only the inside of the house is starting to look pretty, but we have planted a garden outside, and Murray created a workshop for himself as well. Here is a project he finished recently: the anteroom to the theatre. Only the baseboard is still missing.

Our bears love hanging out in the library.

Finished livingroom.

And the not-yet finished theater.

Last but not least, I realize  it is high time to update my loomknitting blog again... summer really slipped by so quickly that I was shocked to find out how long it's been sitting idle. Again, stay tuned... to be continued... I promise!


  1. Ik heb ook wel een beetje hetzelfde probleem....wat nog te schrijven?
    Maar wat een lief ding hebben jullie daar geadopteerd! Echt keileuk!
    Ik ga donderdag weer foto's maken in het asiel. Elke keer is er wel eentje bij die ZO lief is dat we denken, die stoppen we in de fototas, maar nee ik blijf sterk!!!!!
    Is een van jullie katten ooit gesprayed door een skunk? Jopie vrijdag en helaas kan ik hem niet zoals een hond in bad doen. Afschuwelijk die stank!
    Tot gauw maar weer want met jullie gezinsuitbreiding valt er veel te schrijven de komende tijd!
    Hoe groot is jullie kattenfamilie nu?


  2. Hi Sophia,

    Eerst en vooral proficiat met dat mooie little kitten, ze ziet er prachtig uit. Zo fijn te lezen dat alles goed gaat en dat de verbouwingen ook goed verlopen. Dat theatre ziet er wel erg leuk uit, zoiets wil ik ook nog in ons huis! ;) Zo te lezen hebben jullie daar net zo'n heerlijke zomer als hier. Niet te geloven, wij hebben bijna geen regen gezien sinds begin juli en het blijft nog steeds mooi weer...nu we wat frisser maar nog steeds zonnig!

    Groetjes en ik kijk al uit naar de foto's van het huis en het katje!


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