Good news and bad news equals... no news

First I'll share the good news... which is actually bad news... which means I have no news at all! No, no, it's not a riddle, in fact it'll become quite clear what I mean in this very paragraph.

In my previous blog post, I mentioned we were going to adopt a little kitten. However, yesterday we received a phone call from the lady that her three year old daughter has become so attached to the kitten we had picked, that she asked if we'd mind letting her keep it. Mind?? Of course not! We are delighted that the cat has found a home, although we are sad that it won't be ours...

Good news for the kitten, bad news for us, and no further news to share :) See, that wasn't so mysterious after all, was it? However, we have been smitten by the kitten fever, so I don't rule out we might have a little something to announce soon anyway! Besides, Mouse and Atrus seem quite anxious to welcome a new baby...

I realize I still haven't posted pictures of the workshop that Murray created and the garden. This summer, he has worked really hard and I am pleased to say we expect to finish our huge house project in the not too distant future. I will post more pictures soon, but here is a picture of what we have been doing with the basement.

When we bought the house it looked like this:

Now like this (no, we haven't finished yet, I know it's a big mess still):

Until now the weather has been gorgeous! There hasn't been a day yet without sunshine, and the coats have not been used yet. It is the time of the gorgeous sunsets, look at this one!


  1. Wow! Zonsondergangfoto's zijn gaaaaf! Echt super!
    Nieuws kitten is balen zeg! Ik heb er zat in de aanbieding hier! Dus.... u vraagt wij draaien!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Gr. Claudia

  2. Mooi geworden zeg! Petje af voor Murray - wat is dat in het Engels, lol.
    En die sunsets, wow!!
    take care

  3. Mooie foto's Sophia!
    Ben je nu ook met pompoenen bezig om de veranda op te leuken?


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