Leonito - his first week

Don't get me wrong, we love all our cats to bits, but our Little Lion is really taking over the house! It doesn't matter what activity we're involved in, he's got to be right in the middle.

Just a few pictures of the first few days. At the airport, eagerly waiting to be picked up.

Mickey and Atrus check out their new sibling.

Those nails are SHARP! His first clipping on his first day

At least there is food in my new home...

Sharing a bed with 4 other cats and two humans... fun!

His new best friend

A Moment of Mommy Love

Does Atrus smell?

Catnip time! The whole gang together

Sleeping on Mommy's lap

Fascinated by the cell phone:

2AM - I think I like my new home!


  1. Catnip! That's clever! :p
    I think the little one is very lucky with such a warm and friendly new home. :)

  2. What a nice pics Sophia!
    It certainly is a warm for for him!


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