Little Leonito is home!

Our sweet Abyssinian kitten Leonito arrived by plane on Thursday. Murray had travelled to Cranbrook the day before, because the roads can be tricky this time of the year! It's a good thing he did, it was snowing almost all the way back to Creston.

Leo only had a short flight from Vancouver, but he was still so very happy to see Murray! He purred the whole trip, such a happy soul. Just this day I had troubles with my regular camera, so the movie is only cell phone quality I'm afraid.

From his first moment in the house, till he fell asleep, told in 16 minutes. But let me tell you, that day felt like 16 years, he is such a busy little fellow! Did we SLEEP that night, with Leo under the covers with us :)


  1. Congrats with your new arrival!
    He is gorgeous and very venturous!
    And what an ears, the are big!

  2. You have big ears too Anne Marie, you don't miss a trick LOL. Yes they are big, they match his personality. Like most kittens he will grow into them. All jokes aside, in all my days I have never seen such a lively little critter, I am surprised he does not get air born with those ears. Nice to hear from you Anne Marie, please keep in touch, Mur ( one that lives in a cat house LOL )

  3. What an absolutely adorable little cutie pie! I love it how your other cats washes him in the end. :)

  4. Wat een scheetje! En jee wat is ie al groot voor een kitten, dat wordt vast een panter!
    Een ondernemend typje zo te zien! Nagels knippen vond ie wel welletjes! En eten doet ie voor 2!
    Wat een lief en mooi nieuw gezinslid! Gefeliciteerd!


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