My new Tascam stand

Recently, we bought a simple Tascam DP-004 multitrack recorder, to assist me with learning the guitar and allow me to play duets with myself.

It turns out this little device is the most cruel teacher I ever had, because it flings every single one of my mistakes right back in my face, it really has no mercy!

But that's not the story I wanted to share, this blog post is to proudly announce the birth of my brand new Tascam Stand. Yes, Murray went on a Designing Spree, and I just wanted to show off the result of this week's effort, starting with nothing but a few flat pieces of hardwood and a baluster (meant for a stair railing).

He started by designing the four legs on paper, then draw the pattern onto 4 pieces of hardwood.

He then routed out four grooves at the lowest end of the baluster.

Seen from the bottom:

Next, the other part of the "puzzle piece": matching up the four feet.

Cutting out the rest of the feet.

Yes, the puzzle fits together nicely!

That should be a very strong base. Only the rounding of the edges still had to be finished.

Next, designing the tabletop. Isn't that a pretty design Murray came up with?

But first, he needed to create one larger surface out of two smaller hardwood pieces.

Next, he had to copy the design onto the tabletop.

Every stage of the project was closely inspected...

Starting to cut out the tabletop

Removing the rest with the bandsaw.

Almost done! Noticed how the top is beautifully routed?

... Yes, the project is VERY closely inspected. Gluing the base together.

Staining the stand.

The next and last job: varnish. Here it is still unvarnished,

This is the end result. I think it is absolutely adorable!

P.S. Murray just added: "No more crazy ideas for a long time, got snow to shovel!"


  1. Sophia forgot to mention some of the 'language' involved, even the cats knew to head under the bed. Next time I get a crazy idea, off to the furniture store first LOL

    Anyway, that little Tascam is a big piece of magic and deserves a good place to rest on.

    What trouble can I get into next??

  2. Wow, He's a real handy man, with great ideas, and not afraid to tackle the difficult design. Hope you enjoy it a lot!
    (he deserves a biiiiig kiss for this!)

  3. Thanks Elke, A handyman that is all thumbs LOL.

    But just you wait to hear what that little critter on top of the stand is going to produce :)

    P.S. As per your instructions I did get get kissed, right in front of the cats even!! OH MY, LOL

  4. The table is really nice!
    And I love the reply on Elkes post!

    Sophia, have a lot of fun too with your gitar device!

  5. Wow, I love that little table! What a great job he did on that, must have been a lot of work...but the end result is fantastic. We have some of those little tables in our house, but they are the antique kind...looks just like it! I hope you don't have to shovel too much more snow. Great new device, I am sure you will get a lot out of it.

    Take care,


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