Mobile Master, who me?

It's been a little while since I wrote in my blog, time as always tends to go so fast! We had a very mild winter and spring started early this year. I've been enjoying the outdoors, yesterday it was 20 degrees Celsius.

What a difference with the Netherlands, my parents had snow all weekend - and to think that two weeks ago we still had snow too!

Our Leonito had his first vet's experience... he had "his minor operation" and let me tell you, it hurt us more than him! He came home playing as if nothing ever happened, such a brave little cat! Actually I shouldn't mention "little" any longer, he is becoming one big cat! He is still Atrus' personal baby though... spoiled brat!

Our five cats are not our only pets... we got a few more house friends! We started feeding Momma Raccoon, who had two babies last year... and here they are now! Momma is still protective of her children, it is amazing to see how she lets them eat first before she digs in. All three are very tame, they actually come running when Murray calls them. On the few occasions that we don't feed them "on time", they come to the back door and tap on the glass, yes they are very smart indeed!

Lastly, recently I started helping out a bit in the Koodo Mobile forums (for the non-Canadians readers: Koodo is a sub brand of one of the major Canadian telecom companies: Telus). To my surprise I was approached by their staff to ask if I'd consider being one of their Mobile Masters. How can I say no to receiving free cell phones, plus several other perks, thanks Koodo!

Below is the pixelated image of me. What surprises me the most is how they actually managed to make me look intelligent... though I don't agree with the description they gave of me on their website. We definitely need to have a talk about the type of music I like, haha! They even have an official blog post about us!


  1. Leonito has grown a lot! Even his fur changed to a darker color! Good to see he has a real spot in the family!
    Congratulations with that offer! I like Koodo! Who knows what is next! :-)


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