Our front yard

Murray has not been sitting still the past few weeks, in fact he has been digging!

These two rose gardens were already added earlier in the spring. But it seems he is not finished yet. No, I'm not talking about the upkeep of the yard, though that is sorely needed too. One thing at the time... it'll look pretty in the end, that much I know.

Oh my, what is Murray planning to do?

Garden hoses, electric wires and string serve as outlines...

First step is done, the grass is removed.

... and the roses planted.

Luckily, we have enough stones to select a few big and flat ones...

Unfortunately they are all a different height!

Yes, this is hard, hard work to make them all flush... Peekaboo! Mur, you are in a few of these pictures!

... but in the end, it looks lovely! Filling the gaps with gravel.

The finished result... doesn't that look absolutely gorgeous?