Spring is finally here!

Yes, I do know it's closer to summer according to the calendar... but it's been a slow year, weather wise. Finally the days have turned nice and sunny though. The last week of April, we finally saw our little friends the hummingbirds again.
Always a sure sign spring is on the way!

Here is me, reading my Kindle in the first rays of sun!

Our squirrels seem to enjoy the new feeder...

Always a gorgeous time of the year the fruit trees in blossom!

The tulips are out as well.

And look how well the strawberries are doing!

Every year it seems as if we have more irises, aren't they pretty?

A present for the birds...

Murray made a few pretty hanging baskets.

And last but not least, here an impression of the roses in our brand new rose gardens!


  1. Hi Sophia,

    How are you? It was funny that I read your comment on my blog, at that same time I was actually reading your blog as it had been quite some time since I visited your website...what a coincidence! I am glad I made some time to catch up on everything on your blog, your writing is always so interesting! Your garden looks beautiful with all the flowers and those gorgeous roses. I like you little visitors as well (squirrels), sooo cute. How is your summer coming along? I hope you and Murray are enjoying yourselves. We've had a great summer so far, just the past couple of days we have had some clouds and a few showers, but it's still quite warm and it supposed to get better sunnier next week.

    Take care!


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