June updates

A few days ago I looked out the window, and behold, the cutest little bear walked by!

Our security cameras managed to grab him (or her?) walking by. I love the way the front paws move, but I wouldn't want to get too close!

We had another unusual visitor to our yard: a skink (lizard) with a bright blue tail. I found out that the name of this pretty little creature is Plestiodon.

We are sure lucky to live in a place with such a beautiful, wonderful variety of wild life!

Doesn't our field looks gorgeous?

But, not for long, because that's the time I get on our trusted dear John Deere to do some serious clipping...

It took me two afternoons, but it's all done. Any soccer players or golfers out there?

Of course, no blog post is complete without a few pictures of our own five wild creatures. A typical day...


  1. Zo, ik ben weer even bij.
    Stom genoeg had ik de nieuwe weblink niet bij mijn lijstje staan en mistte daarom jouw updates.
    Leuk jullie katten en wat is Leo gegroeid zeg.
    Jullie denken zeker niet aan een 6e kat? Myrthe heeft er eentje onder haar hoede genomen in Fernie en wil graag dat hij/zij een goede plek krijgt (een week of 5 oud!

    Leuk om weer alles te lezen!


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