The heat goes on...

Can't believe it's August already, as always time flies. The front yard is finally finished, what a difference with 6 years ago, when everything was gras, gras and more grass!

There is a new pet store in town, so we went all out in buying all kinds of cradles and beds for our feline babies... they love them! Leo is showcasing the one in our bedroom...

Rosie is happy on the window perch, while Mouse is thinking of chasing her and sleep there himself.

It actually got so bad, that we moved this perch to the dining room window, and replaced the one in the kitchen with two other ones. As you can see, they are well used too! Even Atrus loves it, though he still prefers to be outside.

Outside, in our underdeck area, Mickey is ever so happy in his new cradle. Watch out Mick, Leo is eyeing it up already!

... Or he would, if he wasn't so busy supervising my loom knitting project.

Leo loves his new mechanical toys. He is actually able to wind them up all by himself, he places his front paws on the tail and pulls the other end. He can amuse himself for hours doing that, he is such a clever cat! After he has played enough, he takes his favorite one to bed and cuddles up with it.

He loves to bring the toy in the house and then drags it out again. This picture was taken through the glass, hence the many spots!

Murray climbed down our cliff a bit for a picture - one day we plan on making a path with a railing because there is no way I dare climb down there right now. It is STEEP!!

This is a lullaby my mother taught me when I was a child. It is an old "Krontjong" (folk) song that her "Baboe" (nurse) sang to her when she grew up in the beautiful "Dutch East Indies" (now Indonesia), then in turn my mother sang it to me in cold, wet Holland. Now, in warm and summery Canada, I decided to get out my guitar and Tascam, and sing it back to her. It is my first attempt at singing so please don't laugh!

Ah....... good old tempo doeloe.......


  1. Your house looks wonderful, Sophia and what a beautiful area! The cats all seemed to be happy in their spots, how neat to have those little window perches...your cats sure live the good life! ;) I think it would be great to create a path down the cliff, it looks so beautiful down there and that would basically be part of your backyard. Enjoy long weekend and hopefully we'll get some more of that nice summer weather in September. It's raining over here now, but it should get nicer again during the long weekend and beyond.

  2. What a treatment for your cats! They must feel very contant with you as their mum!
    I recognise the song though!Nicely played and sang. My friend was from Indonesia and grew up in Holland. But it is also familiar od the "Late late Lien show". With Wieteke van Dort.

  3. I've got to hand it to you Sophia, a happy cat makes me smile, but MANY happy cats? That makes my day :)

    I'm not sure what area of BC you live in, but it looks SO calm and fresh! You sure are lucky to live in that little paradise :)

    Have a nice one Sophia! :)

  4. Thanks, everybody :D Yes 5 happy cats and 2 poor owners, haha!


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