Ode to my bicycle

Time to let the cat out of the bag... (and yes, Leonito put himself in the bag!)

...I miss my bicycle. Born Dutch, I used to cycle everywhere, to my job, grocery shopping, to visit friends and just for leisure. When I moved to Canada, that was one of the few things I could not do here in the Rockies, it's way too dangerous and steep! So, I finally got myself a present: an exercise bike!

To my huge surprise (and shame), I could hardly cycle five minutes without pausing... me... who could once cycle all day long. However my legs and lungs got back into the routine quick enough. But sitting on a stationary bike for half an hour is ever so boring... so I had this terrific idea:

Oh, and winter is still with us, isn't this pretty? We took this after shopping today, and Google was so kind to add the snow effect.