Suddenly, after a gorgeous Indian Summer, winter set in with a vengeance, with temperatures of almost minus 20 degrees Celsius! Of course we both got flus and colds to match.

First Mur got it, then he was so generous to give it to me. Naturally I gave it right back to him... between the two of us we were under the weather for almost a month. And so we entered the last month of the year.

To our huge surprise, we got a visitor this week. Aren't they supposed to sleep by now? The bear looked rather grumpy and hungry, but luckily it wasn't in the mood to find out who did all the barking!

As mentioned before, there is a new pet store in town, and we can't seem to ever pass by without buying more goodies. But, we solemnly promised each other, that's it.... no more purchases! ... for this month.

And then we added this beast to the family

Last but not least, thanks to Koodo I'm not exactly wanting for phones! Thanks for all the goodies, Koodo!