... & Bears, oh my!

Strange things started happening the past few weeks. Buckets disappearing, a rubber glove left on the porch could suddenly be found in the middle of the lawn, a bent licence plate on our car, big dirty paw marks on all our house windows, wood knocked over near the shed, our hummingbird feeders have been torn down and the seed feeder ripped from the branch it was hanging from.
The raccoons have been around our property for years, and they leave our stuff well alone. So what could it be?

Finally, thanks to our security cameras we found what our problem is: a resident bear. Apparently, it has decided to move right in, to the point of trying to open doors and look into our windows in search of food. When at one point Murray opened the front door and almost walked right into the big black bear, we figured it was time take some action.

So Mur thought of a great idea: frighten it with tin cans! He carefully constructed a rope with a few large cans, thinking that when the bear tripped over the rope, it'd cause the cans to fall down one story. This would surely scare the bear! The idea was great, in fact, it worked flawlessly. Around 5:30 this morning, we heard a CRASH! Down went the cans, the noise was tremendous! The cats jumped, we jumped and we were convinced the bear jumped the highest of all. However, that is where the plan failed miserably... watch the movie and see what happened.

Obviously, this situation is too dangerous, we can't have a bear live that close to us... it will either do serious damage to our car, property or worse, ourselves. Today we made the difficult decision to call the conservation officer to look into the problem... let's hope they can catch the bear and take it to a safer place - for us that is!

In the meantime, if anyone wants to pet teddy, let us know!