Our cruise to Alaska - Ketchikan

To our surprise and delight, we woke up to a cloudless sky! We were well on our way to Ketchikan, our third and last stop. But first, we had breakfast served by the lovely Ria and Mulyono.

By the time we finished eating, we were about to dock.

Various views of the ms Zaandam:


Shortly after we had disembarked, we heard an enthusiastic shout from the other side of the road: "Hello Mr and Mrs Burns! Helloooo!" It was Mulyono! Of course we had to have a picture taken. Most of the crew were so warm and friendly, especially the Indonesian crew members who I could impress with the (to my surprise) rather extensive vocabulary I picked up from my Mom over the years.

We nearly brought back with us one of these cute little babies... until we found out the price tag. Yikes! It's cheaper to send a real child through university!

And... various views of beautiful Sophia flowers!

When we had seen enough of Ketchikan, we decided to go back to the ship and enjoy the swimming pool and hot tub. I wanted to be able to say I wore my new bathing suit at least once...

Believe it or not, it was so warm that day that the retractable roof was wide open, yes, we were swimming outdoors! In fact, after our swim we sat in our wet bathing suits besides the pool and had a drink. I didn't think it would be possible in Alaska, we were just so lucky with the weather!

This evening we had supper again at our regular table, with our delightful companions Laurence and Neva. I got to tell an old Indonesian story about a "kali" to our table steward Eka, who couldn't stop giggling the rest of the evening. His colleague Putra thought he'd gone crazy!

When we went back to our suite, we spent the next few hours reading and watching the sun set right in front of us...

Another more than perfect day's finishing touch: