Our cruise to Alaska - Scenic Cruising the Inside Passage

The last full day at sea already, time went so fast! According to the weather report, it was going to be a wet, gloomy and windy day. In other words: perfect to walk around the ship and take lots of pictures of the luxurious interior.
Absolutely no expense was spared when this ship was made: there is genuine art on every corner and in every corridor. I have decided to split this post in two and create a dedicated blog post for pictures of the ms Zaandam... her beauty's worth a whole separate subject!

In the afternoon we packed our bags, and then watched the white foamy waves. Although it was sad that we couldn't see very far in the distance because of the gloomy weather, we definitely had no reason to complain... It rained only two days the entire trip, which didn't matter anyway, for we were sailing on both.

Our TV was used solely to watch ship's and weather information... Windforce 8 and at one point even 9 - luckily we were on the inside passage at that time, even though we have probably developed some sea legs by now, I wouldn't want to be on open sea with winds like that!

Last time watching the view...

And then it was time for dinner! We assured all of the staff what a wonderful time we had had and promised to stay in touch with some of them. Here's Eka:

Surprise! The staff on parade with catchy tunes, from "We Are Family!" to sweet Indonesian lullabies...

We'll really miss Lawrence and Neva as well, it was so pleasant to share a table which such nice people! A stunning rainbow decides to appear at that very moment.

The rainbow already hinted at better weather coming - and it hadn't been wrong. After dinner all the rain and most of the clouds had disappeared.

Made by "Made", isn't he cute? The monkey I mean, not Made!

Our collection complete:

Goodnight everyone! Sadly, we'll be back in Vancouver when we wake up!