Our cruise to Alaska - Skagway

The next morning we woke up and the ship had already docked, we hadn't noticed a thing. Guess we had been tired!

We hurried to open the drapes to see what the day was going to bring, and to our surprise it was another cloudless day, with the sun just starting to peak at us from over the mountains. Since yesterday was such a long and busy day, we decided to take it easy today.

After breakfast, we walked through the picturesque town of Skagway and did a bit of shopping. Skagway looks like you just stepped back in time a hundred years, reminiscent of the gold rush and cowboy days. They even have an active steam train.

However once you get to town, there are jewellery stores everywhere. I'd say every other store at least and the amount of pressure selling reminded me of my trips to Mediterranean countries... Truthfully it was a bit unpleasant. Although the weather, mountains, scenery and buildings were all great, I think we enjoyed Skagway the least because it was so obviously aimed towards tourists - but we heard from people who had booked tours such as the train ride or float plane excursions, that the nature surrounding Skagway is breathtaking. Another reason why we need to go on another cruise next year!

After walking about a bit, we went back to our suite to relax until supper, while watching the activity on the docks and the shore. While we were sitting quietly on our balcony, we found that there is constant maintenance on a ship like this. The ship's crew really work very hard and except for our private wave here, I don't think these two guys rested once during the entire day, they must have painted half the ship that day!

Time to leave again! The Celebrity Millennium, our travel companion, left first...

One last look at Skagway,

Close-up of the art on the rock (zoomed in on the white patches you can see in the picture above):

And off we go!

Our pet of the day:

It was still a great day, where we got to relax and gain energy for the rest of the trip to come. Ahhhhh this is living!

Good night!