Eternal summer

Summer started really late this year - it was cold, miserable and rainy well into July. But once it started, it lasted forever... and ever... almost until now!

I don't have much news to share, so here a few pictures of our usual visitors!

Mom and Dad Turkey with lots of little Turklets...

Providing a lot of entertainment for the cats.

A deer looking in...

One of our beloved raccoons: Where is my supper?

It's the time of the year for unusual, stunning skies by day...

... and gorgeous sunsets around supper time!

The roses are still blooming. Is that a beauty? It's a big as a cauliflower!

And finally the proof how warm it still is: this is me, sitting outside in t-shirt and bare feet making a summer hat - yes, late October!

Winter can stay away as long as it likes!