Norwegian cruise - Alesund

We woke up to the most gorgeous scenery I have seen in my entire life. The fjords gliding by were spectacular! Having fallen asleep so early the previous day, we were wide awake before 6am but it was worth it... Every minute the scenery was getting more breathtaking.

Pictures can't do justice to the beauty of the fjords, but here a few impressions:

Alesund is such a clean, beautiful town, it almost seems like a fairytale land!

After breakfast we explored the city. Picture time!

Our home away from home.

Walking around Alesund, we were stunned once more how pretty and unusual the town is.

No, we did not climb these 418 steps... but we did see a few brave souls going up and down!

After ten years, still lovebirds.

We went back to the ship early and enjoyed a quiet afternoon on our balcony, watching the ships and seagulls glide by. Even the sweater came off, it was such a nice, sunny day.

Dad had fun with his incredible camera again:

We stayed on our balcony until supper, and by then we were already well on the way to the next stop. Geiranger tomorrow, can't wait! Nite nite!