Norwegian cruise - Eidfjord, Hardangerfjord

Having fallen asleep so early, we were wide awake at sunrise, around 5am. What a sight to wake up to though! The Fjords were gliding by our window peacefully and majestically. Too bad the sun had decided to hide behind a thick layer of clouds that day.

Early that morning we watched the ship dock, in the picturesque town of Eidfjord. Mom is fascinated by all the docking procedures.

After breakfast we could not wait to go for a walk and enjoy the breathtaking scenery. Dad saw a winding road in the distance and decided we should walk up there to take pictures of the Rotterdam. It was a rainy day, but Holland America kindly supplied umbrellas to take with us. We sure needed them today! Murray decided to stay behind, he had a sore foot, so he captured us from the 7th floor...

... Dad captured him right back from the dock! The red circle shows where Murray is standing. Yes, Dad's zoom lens is that impressive!

We hiked up the hill for about half an hour until the Rotterdam was a speck in the distance. Dad took lots of pictures of the mountains and the ship while I held his umbrella, but the hike was worth it!

We walked all the way back. Mom enjoyed a well deserved nap! A tiny little lady perched right at the edge of a king sized bed... Dad was concerned she'd roll off. Don't worry Dad, the ship is docked and motionless!

In the meantime, I posed with Agus and Wayan, our friendly, loyal and hard working cabin stewards.

Time to leave Eidfjord and the magnificent Hardangerfjord. Everybody, have your camera's ready!

Shame it was such a gloomy day, we just can imagine what the scenery would look like if the sun was out!

That evening we were invited to the Canaletto restaurant for an Italian family dinner. Tired from the long walks and all the impressions, we retired to our rooms straight afterwards and I think we fell asleep before 9!