Norwegian cruise - Heading south

Our last full day at sea... A lovely sunny day with a sea as smooth as a mirror. It was hard to notice we were on board of a ship at all, we were not even rocking a little bit. Speak about sailing on glass!

That day we spent saying goodbye to the dear staff, they looked after us so well. We were spoiled rotten!

Baris, Andy and Yunia pose for a picture. Sorry Baris, Murray must have been too "shaken" to focus his camera properly...

A few last cuddles with my dear Mom...

Mur and I indulged in getting a watch. Every time we check the time, we'll be reminded of our Norwegian cruise!

Once again we have had an unforgettable cruise, thanks to the friendly and helpful staff. As always they went above and beyond to make our stay comfortable, one reason we'll always come back to Holland America! We spent the afternoon relaxing and packing our bags, and then it was time for our "last supper".

The staff gave a nice parade, which we fully expected of course - after all we have seen it before. People in the audience were clapping along and waving napkins.

They even had time to give a private serenade at one of the tables.

Goodbye, Mario, Defri and Hardiono!

Aww..... of course Mom would get a private hug from Hardiono...

And that was it really. Now all that we could do was retire to our rooms and watch the oil platforms - there must have been hundreds!

Haven't we seen you before? Yes, you were our friend on our first day of our Alaskan cruise!

Tomorrow we'll wake up back in Rotterdam, what an unforgettable trip!