Norwegian cruise - The North Sea

Up to then the sea had been calm, but in the night the wind picked up and the ship started creaking, rattling and rocking quite a bit. Murray and I still had our sea legs from our last cruise, so it did not bother us.

We were very concerned about my parents though, because for them it was the first time they spent an entire night at sea. The next morning my Mom confessed she had felt a little sick... but Dad had been perfectly fine - what a trooper!

In the morning all her woes were forgotten quickly, not only was the sea as smooth as a mirror again, but it was our first day of cruising at full sea. Lots to see and do! And what a sight to wake up to...

Nothing is as nice as having breakfast while the water is lapping at the ship way down below.

Time to explore the ship! We like the Rotterdam even better than the Zaandam, the ship we were on last year. The Rotterdam is her sister ship, but this one was renovated a few years ago and looks brand new. Everything oozes luxury and it feels like walking around a floating castle or fancy hotel. An impression:

Dad takes a "selfie"... the old fashioned way, in the mirror. Peekaboo Mur, you did not hide well enough, we see you!

Brass, marble, art and flower arrangements everywhere.

The Neptune lounge, for a friendly face and a bite to eat. Kristine, the hard working concierge is always ready to welcome us with a big smile. Murray knows how to put a smile on her face too!

It was a cloudless sky all day long, let's hope it stays this way throughout our vacation...

With so much to see, the day passed quickly and before we knew it, it was time for dinner again. Tonight's dress code is formal, how do we look?

All in all it was a great first day on board the Rotterdam... we're excited what tomorrow will bring - Norway at last! Our friendly towel animal of the day: