Norwegian cruise - The SS Rotterdam

We decided to take it very easy on Thursday to adjust to the new time zone, so we rested most of the morning. In the afternoon, we booked the full two hours audio tour of the entire ship.

We started at the engine room. The steam engines were very impressive and we tried to imagine what they must have looked and sounded like when they were still in full use. The tour guide explained that most men that used to work in the engine room are quite deaf today and I had no difficulties believing him!

After the engine room we were guided through the rest of the ship, which is gradually being restored to its original glory.

View of Rotterdam city... and me being silly.

Our tour took us to the bridge, which also has been preserved as it was when the SS Rotterdam was still sailing the world. Very interesting to see the impressive amount of equipment needed to run such a huge ship.

The Captain's quarters:

All in all it was very impressive to visit this ship - we are glad we decided to stay here for a few nights.

Two more days before the actual cruise... we'll enjoy it even more now that we have had this glimpse of ship's life behind the scenes, normally so hidden from the passengers.