We're home!

After two delightful weeks, we're finally home. Of course living where we live, it is wonderful to be back.

The drive back from Cranbrook was almost as lovely as the Fjords... we know we are fortunate we live where we do. We just had to stop to take a few pictures:

Home... time to relax!

I realize I had not yet added some of our blossoms that we captured on camera before we left, and I think they are worth sharing!

When we came home, most blossoms had disappeared, but we still got a last glimpse of our irises thankfully.

No, we're not complaining about our view... though very soon we will have somebody over to top some of these trees - our view is gradually disappearing!

Our cats were settled again in no time. Except Mickey needs to relearn some manners - a well bred cat does NOT sleep on the dining room table!

We have our own "Children's Farm" right in our back yard...

By the way, our Frostie (which is the general name we have given to all "our" raccoons) remembered us right away and came running for her food when Murray called her... Watch the video below, isn't it amazing how dexterous these little rascals are when they eat? She never looked at the food once - yet she could tell the dog food pellets from the gravel without a single mistake. It almost looks as if she is trying to play Beethoven on the piano!

Yes, it's good to be back home... until the next cruise!