Frostie and her babies

After we came back from our cruise, we noticed that our "pet raccoon" Frostie seemed more hungry than usual.

Not only that, but she seemed exhausted!

From her front appearance, it seemed quite obvious that she was eating for two... or more perhaps. But she was hiding her babies well, until one day, I looked out on the deck and saw the cutest sight... a Frostie baby, "hidden" in the back while Mom is eating in the front of the house.

Of course, we ran outside and then we found out the reason why mother Frostie was so exhausted... another baby!

Then, what did we see? Two MORE babies!

Four children? Nope................ one more hidden:

Five, yes FIVE babies, no wonder Momma seems so tired! They were studying us much the same as we were watching them. They weren't frightened in the least.

Finally Mom was confident enough to take her babies around the front of the house, much to the amusement of Simba.

I had so much fun sitting in front of the house, with my camera ready.

Here a movie of their eating and antics!