Smoke... cough... so much smoke...

We live in one of the prettiest parts of the earth, with lots of trees, forest and a gorgeous climate. But it comes at a price sometimes... Right now this world is on fire. Or, so it seems... it's the talk of the day wherever you go. There are several wildfires in British Columbia. There is even a huge fire right here in Creston, which started after lightning hit a tree almost two weeks ago.

We only have to drive for about 10 minutes to see an entire mountain on fire! To try and put the scope in perspective, with the naked eye we could just make out some tiny, tiny white dots in the distance. The camera was not even able to capture them... but those were big helicopters, trying to get the situation under control by dumping huge container loads of water.

That fire, I'm pleased to say, is said to be under control now. Here it is on the interactive map:

But ours is nothing compared with the wildfires south of the border. We feel very sorry for the people who have suffered far worse than us, some even lost their homes...

Unfortunately, the prevailing winds send all those particles our way. Most of the smoke here is coming from Washington State who are experiencing the worst fires in their history. We noticed that the air quality has steadily gotten worse. The mountains, only a few kilometers from us, have completely disappeared from sight - as if removed with a pencil eraser - it is hard to describe how eerie it is not being be able to see past one kilometer or so.

Even on a "clear" day, the colors are very strange, all day long, a yellow tinge to everything. Creepy!

The sun, normally so bright that we have to close the curtains, now looks like this.

We have been advised to stay indoors as much as possible, and frankly we have little choice. Our eyes are burning, our throat feels all tight and we have a continuous runny nose. We are coughing our heads off! In fact, when Murray had to go out to water the plants, he was wearing a surgical mask. We have a very close friend here in Creston, who has lived here since 1946 and has never seen anything like it. Let's hope we will never see it again!

So far, we have only had one shower all summer, that only lasted half an hour. Everything is bone dry. Thankfully, in the forecast there is promise of rain in the next few days. Hopefully all the wildlife and environment will benefit from it. Ugh, cough, yes please, before we all choke!

Update: this picture was taken at 14:00 (2pm). We can't see the sun at all and we had to switch on the lights in the house... the smell is terrible!