The cat tree

Ever since we decided to share our house with two Abyssinian cats, we knew our life would never be the same. As we were rightfully warned, Abys are the most intelligent, playful and agile cats on earth.

As one cat breed website mentioned: "A love of heights is a signal trait of the Abyssinian. He likes to be as high up as possible and will appreciate having one or more ceiling-height cat trees."

We found all this to be true... especially their fondness of heights. Any time we can't find one of our Aby cats, all we need to do is look up at the top of the cupboards. Simba's favorite perch:

This of course got me obsessed with getting a ceiling-high cat tree and I kept mentioning it to Mur. Like any man who has been married for close to ten years, Murray knows when to say "yes dear"... which was exactly what he said when I mentioned I wanted a cat tree for our babies. "I'll make a gorgeous cat tree," he promised two years ago when we got Leonito. "Yes dear, cat tree coming up," he promised last year, when Simba arrived.

This year, things were different. No, we did not introduce another Aby to the house - I don't think Murray, myself, the three older cats or even the house could cope with that! - but I still wanted my cat tree. Rather than wait for another "yes dear", I finally perused the Amazon website, and what did my eye catch? The perfect 7' (200cm) cat tree!

Like any good husband, Murray knows when to say "yes dear" even if it means spending a bit of money, so that very same week a big, heavy box arrived, full of bits and parts and confusing instructions. Even before everything was properly unpacked, the cats realized something important was going on. Every bit got thoroughly inspected:

Murray started assembling the tree right away. Of course he had plenty of help... the cats supervised every stage of the process and performed several tests of the stability and durability, as well as Mur's patience.

Three hours and a little bit of nasty language later, a gorgeous cat tree stood in place. As we expected, it became the pride and joy of not only Leo and Simba, but all the others love it as well.

Mickey changed right back into a kitten again!

We are both so happy that the new tree turned out to be a huge hit!


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  2. Ik ben alleen benieuwd wat een Tinker Taxi is???

    Maar het verhaal is hilarisch! Natuurlijk is je man slim hahaha!
    ik had ooit een soort gelijke ervaring.
    We waren op het veer van Duitsland naar Denemarken. Vlak voor aankomst in de haven moesten Myrthe en ik nog plassen, want volgens mij hadden wij nog zee├źn van tijd en we waren nog aan het shoppen.
    Erik en Mees gingen terug naar de auto waar zij al werden opgewacht, want het hele dek was leeg. Zo gauw dat schip had aangelegd stroomde het leeg met auto's in een tempo wat we nooit hadden verwacht.
    Myrthe en ik wamen terug, openden de deur van ons dek en auto's raasden aan ons voorbij en onze auto was nergens meer te zien. Alle andere deks waren leeg.
    We gingen te voet de boot af op zoek naar Erik.
    Die had wel willen wachten maar werd door personeel verder die boot en de haven uitgejaagd.
    Na een tijdje wilde ik al over het hek klimmen, maar ja, met een kindje van 6 en een hondje van een half jaar oud (jawel, Meggie was ook mee), ging dat niet.
    Mobiele telefoon was er toen ook niet.....
    Uiteindelijk hebben wij elkaar weer gevonden, maar Erik siste mij woest toe dat ik dit nooit meer mocht doen!!!

  3. Lisbeth van LintelTuesday, February 14, 2017

    Mur must have missen the bicycles when visiting the netherlands for the first time...but then he had stars in his eyes because of you. :)

  4. Testing a new commenting system...

  5. I've been wondering about the kitties. I knew they probably missed you terribly when you were gone. This is a fabulous playground for them.

  6. Hee hee yes, they are spoiled rotten. As I type this, the tree is well used. Mur wants one for himself, I shudder to think what for :P

  7. Oh lord. That's as bad as climbing up on the roof.

  8. Thanks for telling the tale so thoroughly, Sophia.
    I'm glad Murray's foot problem cleared up enough to permit him to get out and about and enjoy some local color on the trip!

  9. Thanks Emor :) I'll send you an email soon... we expect to hear everything about your recent adventures as well :)

  10. So glad you made it safely and what a wonderful idea to go on a cruise with your parents. Looking forward to seeing pictures like the cruise you took to Alaska. Bon Voyage! We all miss you!

  11. Love the elevator story, what a great start to a great vacation. LOL!!!

  12. I know... at the time it wasn't funny but now we can have a good laugh about it :D

  13. Thanks!! We sure missed you too :)

  14. I would die to take the cruise you took!!

  15. He Sophia!
    Zoals je ziet, het is niet uit het oog, uit het hart!
    Ik ga met grote belangstelling je reisverslagen lezen en bekijken! Geweldig hoe jullie je vader "erin geluisd hebben" hahaha! Maar het is vast de moeite waard geweest!

  16. Have a good time with your loving parents and love to see your beautiful homeland. Pleasant to you, Murray and your parents, too.

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