Bye Lisbeth!

All good things come to an end... Lisbeth's last day in BC has arrived already.

Since it was still a pretty day, after the morning worship meeting we went for one last drive around Creston, in particular the area of Lister and Canyon for a closeup view of the Skimmerhorn mountains.

When we arrived back home, we both went for a walk across the property and down to the railway. Unfortunately now it was time to head for Cranbrook... believe it or not, the weather started to change. Perhaps the skies were crying because she was leaving?

Because her flight was very early the morning and the airport is almost 120 km from where we live, we needed to stay overnight in Cranbrook. Around 4pm we headed for the Prestige hotel. We spent a pleasant evening together and had dinner in the hotel.

Bright and early next morning, we had a 10 minute drive to the airport. After she checked in, we took one last "selfie", had a hug and she went through security. When she arrived in the waiting room, we could only see each other through glass. We typed messages on our phones and held them up to the glass in order to communicate.

Then all that was left was one last glimpse of the plane - frantically waving but later we learned neither of us saw one another...

And suddenly, she is gone... I watched the plane take off, rubbed a little tear from the corner of my eye and headed back home.

Once again we realized how lucky a break we had in this week's weather - look at the forecast for the coming week - not one single ray of sunshine to be expected and the temperature has been cut in half!

However, Lisbeth's vacation is not over - she is on her way to Toronto, where she will meet up with her husband Rob. They are going to spend the next few weeks traveling Ontario and Quebec. If you want to follow their adventures (in Dutch), check out her blog:

Happy travels, Rob and Lisbeth!