Lisbeth is here!

My friend Lisbeth said it for 10 years, as long as I have lived in Canada: "One day I'll come and visit you!" Finally she is here... all the way from the Netherlands.

For weeks beforehand, we were worried sick because of the dense smoke. What good was it to brag about having the best view in Canada, and then not be able to see past half a mile?

But, luckily we finally had some heavy rain this week and the smoke is mostly gone. Even happier we were when we saw the weather forecast for the coming week: sun, blue skies and temperatures of 26 degrees Celsius and warmer!

Here a few pictures she took on her way to Canada (thanks Lisbeth, for allowing me to use them).

Leaving the flat country behind...

Canada, here I come!

In Calgary, the large plane was traded for a tiny Beechcraft 18 seater. "Does that thing fly?"

It sure does! The view was spectacular over Calgary.

Mountains. at last!

Finally, early in the evening (or early in the morning, her time) Lisbeth arrived in Cranbrook, where I picked her up. She was surprisingly awake, considering how long she had been traveling without any sleep.

Dodging several deer on the road and "admiring" the many "bear scats" on our drive, we arrived in Creston safe and sound. After that we sent her straight to bed, we'll have lots of time the coming days to catch up and explore... need a good night's sleep first!

Welcome to Canada, Lisbeth!