Another big trip today: Nelson.

Lesson learned from the day before, this time we had an early start and left 9am sharp.

It is amazing how such a tiny piece of Canada can show such vastly different landscapes - the first leg of the journey up to summit was steep and beautiful. I was quite surprised not to see any snow at all... I assumed there would be some here and there all year around, being so high up. It must have been a hot, dry summer indeed!

The top of the summit has a lovely lake and a "survival cabin" for stranded travelers in the winter when the pass is closed due to avalanches.

Lisbeth was happy to spot a ground squirrel and then a blue jay. The blue jay was camera shy, but the squirrel was ready to pose for a picture.

Onward and downward, towards Nelson.

But not without the occasional "P" break, I meant Picture break of course - not what you think!

Nelson! We explored the Cotton Wood Market, a small and cozy place where people sell vegetables and various other paraphernalia, mostly second hand or home made.

It is the type of market where you buy a slice of fruit cake and receive a yoga booklet as a bonus gift from a local hippy... which we in turn discretely donated to one of the several spiritual centers we saw around.

A sure sign of Autumn fast approaching - pumpkins!

We headed downtown and walked miles around the pretty streets. Today happened to be an exposition of antique cars - there were gorgeous, shiny, fancy old cars everywhere.

"My car!"

"No, mine!"

After a lovely lunch and ice cream (jumping lizard, wet paint and rum raisin flavored - don't ask), we headed back to the car and then home.

Although we saw warning signs to watch out for big horned sheep and caribou, sadly we never saw any... we had an uneventful trip home and relaxed the rest of the afternoon and evening where we watched another movie in our almost-finished theater.