A theatrical history

When we found our dream home back in 2007, we knew right away that we were going to create a much better theater than the one Murray finished in a hurry when we sold the house on Devon St.

We had not even settled in properly, or Mur started working on the basement. First, he removed the fireplace. It was only the first step in a long demolition project... it almost seemed as if he ripped everything apart. Even the window had to go! Oh oh... was this ever going to be right again?

There were times that I had little hope of ever getting out of this mess! In the years (yes, YEARS) that followed, gradually we started to see progress. Subtly but steadily, it became visible what the theater was going to look like. At least the outlines were there!

But Murray did not slack off... relentlessly he worked on, improving and improvising as he went along. Trying out colors and materials for the ceiling, walls and pillars...

Yes, here is the capital that he cast years ago at last - it had to wait 8 long years before it was painted gold.

Putting together one of the pillars permanently.

Stained and preliminary fitted in place.

Whoa, this is really starting to look like something real now...

A glimpse of the work involved. Mur was almost a factory worker, cutting all these slats to size:

Spray painted gold...

The horizontal pieces cut and painted.

After another few layers, all sorted and ready to be glued onto the pillars!

Each pillar is assembled painstakingly:

To the last detail - the ornament on the base.

How many pillars do we need? TOO MANY!

Ackpfft, fitting the pillars to match the windows means demolishing some of what was already finished.

NOW they'll fit!

The first corner is done and finished.

The pillars next to the screen are in place too...

And the ceiling is starting to look more elaborate by the day.

One panel as seen from below. Most of the little decorative ornaments were cast from plaster of Paris.

The stage is being insulated.

All the bits and pieces in the corners are made to fit...

The carpet is laid. What a tedious job to work around all those pieces and angles!

Finished stage, with some mini pillar ornaments ready to be assembled...

In the meantime, the arches are being created as well.

Each part is carefully locked into place.

Mudding and taping is done!

The regular door opening has magically transformed into an arch as well.

To block out the light from the windows, Murray has created panels to fit the arches exactly.

One panel is in front of the window, the other panel is still being assembled. Once in place, they can slide open or closed to let the light in or block it altogether.

Last but not least, in preparation of the theater, in the music room/library Murray has created a "secret cupboard" which contains all the equipment to play movies, listen to music or watch streaming services.

Neither of us can wait for the finished theater - I can confidently say "to be continued" or rather... "watch this space for a final update on the theater - coming soon"!