A year of kitties

A year of cat pictures, finally found a way into my blog.

Here a selection of our kitties throughout 2015. Whatever we do, they are always part of everything!

Mickey cuddling up with his beloved toy doggie:

He loves sleeping in front of the fireplace.

Mouse loves stuffed toys as well!

Atrus and I, having a lazy morning.

Simba likes to perch on my shoulder.

Atrus is definitely my cat!

Guess it's dinner time...

Atrus working on his sun tan. Hope he used sun blocker!


An intimate moment between Murray and Mickey.

Watching a movie together in the library.

Leonito is hiding, "You can't see me!"

Breakfast in bed for Sophia, Mickey warms the tray.

What happened here? Simba is such a goon...

Here is the rest of the bag, inspected by Leo.

Another lazy morning with Simba and Atrus.

And finally, we have nearly finished out home theater which we created for ourselves, but I am afraid the cats have taken it over entirely and kicked us out.........