Visiting Holland

Because I still see the Netherlands as my (former) home, I usually don't really share my travels...
After all, I only go to visit my parents and friends, it doesn't seem like a vacation. However, looking back at my pictures, I see now that it might be fun to share my April trip.

Our nearest airport is Cranbrook. It is tiny with one runway and one waiting room. It is very cozy and friendly... we know many of the staff by name! The aircraft that flies to Calgary is just as cute and tiny - as the picture shows, it's actually smaller than the fuel truck.

Inside, you look straight into the cockpit, one of the reasons I always pick the 2nd row. Not that it matters much - there are only 9 rows in total... and each seat a windows seat! (Except the 1st row has no windows, hence the reason I pick the 2nd row).

On my way - bye Mur, bye gorgeous mountains!

Smooth sailing... though sadly the one time I score a window seat to Germany, there are clouds all the way.

Big selfie grin! I'm home!!!

My sweet parents. Dad was so happy with his brand new Note 4... I don't think he put it down the whole time I was there!

Mom is just happy to see me.

Picture in the mirror... a reminder of old times when this room was still my room.

Twelve years ago, 2004:

Not much changed in 2016 except the wonders of modern technology - speaking to Murray on the phone while taking a picture with my Note 4.

On the day before I'd travel back to Canada, my parents and I drove to Rob and Lisbeth, where I would spend the night. Mandatory Dutch Tulips!

We also had to cross the 30 km long dike between Enkhuizen and Lelystad. We even had to wait for a ship to pass!

Endless road...

Endless sea.

After my parents had left, Rob, Lisbeth and I visited Enkhuizen. This one of the oldest buildings - it dates back to the 1600's!

Warming up with a hot chocolate and a tulip (no, we did not consume that) - I forgot what was so funny, but when Lisbeth and I are together, we always end up howling with laughter...

Believe it or not, the next morning Rob had to scrape a thick layer of ice from the car window!

Then we went on our way to the Amsterdam airport. Flower fields galore!

Ugly and beautiful at the same time...

Time to say goodbye... the aircraft is waiting already to take me to Frankfurt - then on to Calgary and then Cranbrook.

Of course Murray is already there to pick me up from the Cranbrook airport... and this is what was waiting for me at home. Thanks Mur! It was a great trip but I'm happy to be home!