Mobile Masters Meet Up

Ever since I moved to Canada and left my career behind in the Netherlands, I have been trying to keep up to date with new technologies. One way I chose to stay involved was by volunteering on the online community of Koodo (flanker brand of TELUS Mobility).
A few years ago I was invited to become one of their Mobile Masters, a group of volunteers that help public enquiries on the Koodo community forum - I even wrote a blog post about this.

That was not the end of Koodo's surprises... we received many more perks over the years. To me however, the highlight has been our visits to their Toronto office.

This year we were invited for the 3rd time, ten of us would be attending the get together. I was the first to arrive late Wednesday evening... time to relax in the Strathcona hotel for the busy days to come...

A little present for my only female Mobile Master buddy. Thank you for sharing the room with me, Mayumi!

This is the way Mobile Masters communicate... hopefully they were not talking to each other here!

On Thursday we received a warm welcome from the Koodo staff at the TELUS building - then we were given a quick tour in their office on the 30th floor... what a view!

In the lobby, employees and Mobile Masters posed for a quick picture, after which we headed to the agency to get some information on Koodo's ad campaigns.

That evening we all had dinner at the Fynn's of Temple Bar.

After dinner we all went back to the hotel and collapsed in our rooms, because the next day was going to be a busy one!

Early Friday morning, Mayumi and I headed out to the lobby... but not before a selfie in the mirror! Hair okay? Clothes straight? Let's go!

Then we all went to the TELUS building for the actual meeting on Friday. The reason I don't have pictures is because first thing in the morning, we were all asked to place our cell phones on a table at the other side of the conference room. Seeing the above pictures, I don't think anybody should be surprised at that!

The meeting was very informative, and well presented. It is interesting to get a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes and definitely gave me more insight in why things are the way they are in 'mobile land'.

After the meeting, we decided to have dinner together. While waiting for the others to come down, guess what we were all doing? Well... in our defense, we were trying to find a nice restaurant.

We finally found a place with room for 11 and had a delicious Indian buffet. The reason I don't have pictures of THAT, is because I was too busy eating! All it all it was a very enjoyable day.

Before we knew it, Saturday had arrived and we were all heading home again. That is... most of us... some of the boys went to the stadium for a baseball game. Thanks for the picture, Mathieu, I think the reason they won is because of your shirt!

For me, it was time to go home... amidst heavy rain and loud thunderclaps, we were finally allowed to leave the gate after an hour waiting in the plane... back to BC!

What a pretty view of the Rockies.

All in all, it was ever so kind of Koodo to invite me back this year, I had such a good time! It was lovely to see old friends again, and meet new ones. Last but not least, thank you for the wonderful gifts, Koodo!

P.S. although I never took pictures the first and second time we were invited to Toronto (things moved so fast that I never even considered taking pictures), here is a movie that Koodo put together of the first year: