Too much SNOW

Lately it seems I haven't had much inspiration to write in my blog... life in Canada has become "normal" for me and not much has been happening lately - which is a good thing really. However, the winter we've had this year is far from normal for our part of the world.
Every time I visit the Netherlands, I have to explain that not all of Canada is close to the North Pole and not all Canadians live in igloos. In fact the Creston climate is a lot better than that of Holland - we live further south and much farther from the sea or ocean. On top of that, we are sheltered by mountains and tempered by a huge lake.

However, this year has been the exception to the rule... we have been snowed in for weeks on end! Every morning when we wake up, it's a surprise how much "whiteness" has been added during the night. This morning the snow on our balcony was piled up almost to the top of the railing.

Our "street light" has white "top hats". Although the pictures are not really capable of showing it, in some areas the snow is piled up as high as my shoulder. Never in my life have I seen anything like it... it makes you feel truly dwarfed and humbled when you realize powerful nature can be. I can't imagine how all the little birds, raccoons and deer are able to survive!

Poor Murray had his work cut out for the day, shoveling the deck.

By the end of the morning, he was halfway done. It's very heavy work, he will sleep tonight!

Next, he will need to clear off the roof... we don't want the house to cave in.

Meanwhile, the cats and I did some chores inside the house. Simba is always keen to supervise anything I do, even if it is only washing up.

He is very eager to help when it is time to change and wash the bedding, The bigger the mess I make, the more Simba enjoys it.

After such hard work, we both deserve time out at the computer.

Mickey, Leonito and Mouse enjoy their soft, new cat beds in front of the fireplace.

All chores done, all that is left for the the cats to do now is stay warm. They choose different methods to accomplish that. One of those rare moments where Mouse and Mickey are all cuddled up together.

Whenever there is a ray of sunshine in the house, you will be sure to find our adorable little Manx, Atrus, getting a tan.

Thankfully, the snow seems to be easing off - we're starting to see clear skies. Come back inside, Mur, you too can relax a little now. Let's hope spring is on the way!

Mickey wishes everyone goodnight and sweet dreams!


  1. Are we ready for that 'final update on the theater' yet?
    I am! :)


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