A few years ago I posted a blog post about Momma Raccoon and her five babies. As they grew up, most of those babies moved away, but one decided to stay and become our friend.
In fact, she became so friendly that she soon started to patiently wait on the deck in front of the kitchen door for us to wake up.

When she sees us, she perks right up. At first the cats were a bit worried, but they soon got used to seeing her waiting.

Breakfast time!

Then, one day in the spring, she brought her babies along. Yes, she is now a mother!

At first the four little rascals were very shy and disappeared into the nearest tree when they spotted us:

But soon they got used to those large, friendly two legged giants!

Yes, we spoil our children... we even gave them their very own jacuzzi:

They love to splash in and out of their tub. Wet pawprints everywhere!

Now they all wait for us to wake up. Where is our breakfast?

Of course we have more visitors. Yesterday this beautiful creature was chilling out in the shade right in front of our house.

Obviously we live on THEIR property...

She's as curious about us as we are about her:

Good, now Mur doesn't have to mow the grass.

She has a baby too!

We're so lucky we can enjoy all this wildlife right in our own yard...

What? No mention of the cats? Sorry Mickey... next time.


  1. Just a heads up for those concerned.
    Yes we DO FEED a number of wildlife that we are fortunate to have and enjoy on our property, namely humming birds, squirrels, wild birds, gophers and raccoons. But, NOT THE BEARS!! (they are welcome to our apple tree though LOL) .
    Sophia has received a few emails from those that have seen this recent post above who are alarmed at the fact we feed the raccoons. Well, I wish to put their mind at rest.
    First of all our cats, this house and our own well being are paramount and we would in no way endanger any of those priorities. It has been told to us they are vicious, damaging and would multiply in huge numbers to eventually take over the property. In ten years we have not seen any of aforementioned, in fact regarding the overpopulation, the most we have seen in 10 years is 6 in a season. It seems they are very territorial and just a few will stay and claim our land for themselves. The raccoons are highly intelligent and they are as cautious with us as we are with them, for instance we would in no way try to pet them. Of course we keep an eye on the internet for rabies warnings and have also checked with our Vet on occasion. I used to live in Toronto and I fed the raccoons there for years, I would not do so there now, sadly there is a rabies problem in Ontario.
    One last thing, we are very careful to make certain that there is no house waste left about where the bears and other animals can be attracted, besides the raccoons are spoiled rotten, they only eat dried dog food at $32 a bag LOL

    In closing we just want to thank those who have expressed concern and let them know we do keep a close eye on things.

    Tell you what we are really frightened of are the hairless two legged critters, not feeding them for sure LOL

  2. Murray and Sophia, it's really nice you can share your property and your lives with the critters in your region.
    So glad you both get a kick out of it; not everyone does! And if anything WERE to get out-of-hand, I know you'd cut back as necessary.
    Those deer are the cutest...the ears are amazing. Some are spotted, others not?

    As you said, watch out for bald humans: they're the worst!

  3. Emor, you are the NICEST non-furry critter we know and we would feed you too. In fact we would find it a big privilege to feed you, but not Frostie food. I am afraid you would have to cope with Madonald's or Tim Horton's type diet. Sorry, LOL Hugs Dear Friend, WOOF too LOL


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