A few years ago I posted a blog post about Momma Raccoon and her five babies. As they grew up, most of those babies moved away, but one decided to stay and become our friend.
In fact, she became so friendly that she soon started to patiently wait on the deck in front of the kitchen door for us to wake up.

When she sees us, she perks right up. At first the cats were a bit worried, but they soon got used to seeing her waiting.

Breakfast time!

Then, one day in the spring, she brought her babies along. Yes, she is now a mother!

At first the four little rascals were very shy and disappeared into the nearest tree when they spotted us:

But soon they got used to those large, friendly two legged giants!

Yes, we spoil our children... we even gave them their very own jacuzzi:

They love to splash in and out of their tub. Wet pawprints everywhere!

Now they all wait for us to wake up. Where is our breakfast?

Of course we have more visitors. Yesterday this beautiful creature was chilling out in the shade right in front of our house.

Obviously we live on THEIR property...

She's as curious about us as we are about her:

Good, now Mur doesn't have to mow the grass.

She has a baby too!

We're so lucky we can enjoy all this wildlife right in our own yard...

What? No mention of the cats? Sorry Mickey... next time.